I've contracted Matt on a variety of occasions - each of which demanded innovative development work and a rapid understanding of complex needs/inputs. He's a high-capacity technician with a voracious amount of creativity and hustle.
Our first work together was at Freshbox Catering - Matt developed a databased solution to aggregate dozens of corporate lunch orders and compute necessary purchasing, delivery routes, and production demands. He continued to support the technology and create instructional documentation for users as well.
Another notable engagement together was his contribution as a contactor for a call center I was developing. The initiative was to create meaningful jobs for adults affected by poverty - they were to provide outbound customer service for a affordable housing maintenance company. Matt built a platform layering an SQL database, user-interface, and industry specific reporting software (Maintenance Connect). He did the entire project with an eye for a tight budget and a sustainable platform.
I wouldn't hesitate to hire Matt for front or back-end development work. He's a tremendous asset to have on board."
- Joe Deloss, Nobul Consulting

Ever work with someone willing to step outside their comfort zone and push beyond the traditional methods of doing things? Well, this is what it's like working with Matt. Together we developed a website. His "yes and..." attitude is infectious and his desire to create innovate, smart designs is admirable. It's obvious that he loves what he does and is committed to his profession-- after all, it is his passion. I would enthusiastically recommend Matt, as he's a true asset to any team."
- Patima Pataramekin, UI/UX Designer, Apple