Passion Projects

Free 404 Pages

An open-sourced collection of creative yet simple 404 pages for anyone to use. No one ever wants their users to get an error but if it ever should happen at least they will be pleasantly surprised with a quirky 404 page. I believe no detail is too small, especially when it can literally change the user's experience.


A Ruby Gem I am developing to be the easiest and frankly best CMS for all your Rails-based sites. I originally created it as an simple solution for client's to easily update their content.

Career Commits

A searchable database of developer jobs. Users can quickly find open positions based on tech-stack, location, industry, company size, and funding. This was a side project my roommate and I worked on for a while. I am responsible for the front-end design, back-end structure, and search functionality.

By the

A project developed at a Startup Weekend. The goal was to promote the collective activism of democracy. Users could follow or support local, state, national, and even global issues. Designed to allow users to quickly grasp the state of the problem, what solutions are being proposed, and ability to add their voice to the conversation.