Coworkers Union

A project I am developing to collect the best coffee shops and coworking spaces within any city. As a freelancer and traveler, work and play come hand in hand. I love exploring new places but I still need to get work done, and that can be difficult with poor wifi, cramped space, or bad coffee .
It's designed to allow the user to quickly find the closest space with wifi, power, and when open.

The location's page gives the user even more info, including: the wifi password, any secret tips, if they serve food, and even if there's a patio for when you wanna work on your tan while you send emails .

From The start I was focused on the mobile experience because 99% of the time you're searching for that perfect cafe it will be via your phone. Save the page to your phone's home-screen and you will get a nice app icon. Open it from there and it removes the browser bars, giving the look and feel of a native app.